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Built Development specializes in multi-family and mixed use developments, while also handling the design and property management of the company's portfolio.


Built Development is a fully integrated real estate development firm focused on mixed use and multi-family projects. 


The firm handles all facets of operation from acquisitions through entitlements/permits/construction management and lease out. 


Built Development consistently thrives to outperform itself by utilizing the latest building technology and finishes available to deliver an ultimate living experience.


Built Development is an in house, fully licensed contracting company heading all of Built Development's projects. 


Vertically integrating the company's structure allows for an efficient job site...reducing construction length and budget overruns. 


Built Development's vast knowledge base allows them to complete any structure ranging from type 1 high rise developments to type 3 or type 5 multifamily and single family developments.


Built Development maintains an extensive porfolio of multifamily, single family and commercial properties along the pacific coast; from San Fransisco to San Diego. 


Once stabilized, all new developments are managed in house by qualified staff to tend to tenant needs and harness a positive living experience.

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